Seven Winter Coats That Will Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

Hello from chilly (but not all that cold currently?!) Ohio! As we still have a couple solid months of winter ahead of us, I thought it would be a good time to browse for a new winter coat. (Tip: never buy a new winter coat until after the holidays, that’s when they really go on sale!). Here are a few I’m loving right now, each one on sale:


January 2020 Creativity Challenge

Hello and happy new year! (I can say that as long as it’s still January, right?) I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine were. I loved having a lengthy break from normal routines and truth be told, wasn’t feeling super excited about getting back into them. This creativity challenge helps me with that a little bit.

What is my January Creativity Challenge, you might ask? Well, I did it for the first time last year (read that post here) and essentially it is a structured way for me to spark creativity as a designer by making sure that I design/do something creative every single day of the month. If you read my post at the conclusion of the month here, you’ll see that I designed (by hand) 31 prints. So, overall, last year’s challenge was a success. I completed it! I made a bunch of prints (which are still hanging in my office)! Except……

It wasn’t fully a success because, well, a lot of the prints are useless. I’m better at designing prints by using software on my computer than by hand (like, a lot better!) and so right off the bat you know all of my hand-drawn prints won’t be that great. On top of that, since I had put pressure on myself to design a print every single day of the month, I ended up with a lot of bad prints because I was in a rush and didn’t even both to look for inspiration for moth of them. Yes, bad. So it’s hard for me to call last year’s a success when all it turned out to be was a fun little wall decoration that will forever be destined for my office and nowhere beyond that.

To change that this year, I tweaked the rules of my creativity challenge. Instead of designing one print every day, I’m designing one print every other day – and spending the day in between to search for more inspiration, which is a key part of designing quality prints! Another change is that I’m designing all prints on my computer, instead of by hand. Like I said, I’m much better at that!

My hope is that at the end of this month, in addition to sparking creativity, I’ll have 15 usable and high-quality prints – which is better than 31 prints that are kind of all duds, if you ask me!


Stay tuned for the results of my challenge after the conclusion of the month! Are you doing anything creative this cold month?

Signing Off For 2019

I’m swinging by here today to share that I’ll be stepping back from blogging until after the holidays are over. Be sure to check back here at the beginning of 2020 as I’ll once again be doing my January Creativity Challenge (last year’s was successful and it gives me a reason to actually look forward to January) and a photo tour of our extensive kitchen renovation!

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve blogged a little less during the second half of this year. That would be due to me typically spending my limited free time (hello, naptime!) either designing prints (you can view a few of my fabric prints at my Spoonflower shop) or focusing on my Beautycounter business. I’m really blessed to have multiple creative outlets and will always choose the one which is most inspiring me that day – so it varies!


Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s with the ones you love!

Three Cheers For Pom Poms

If you’ve stepped foot outside at all this season, chances are you’ve noticed that pom pom hats are everywhere. Isn’t this such a fun trend? I can’t help but smile a little when I see someone wearing one, because of how cheerful and fun they are. I’ve seen them on everyone, from skipping little girls, to businesswomen bundled up against the elements, to grandmas pulling a wagonful of grandkids. There’s no age limit to wearing a pom pom hat! My suggestions when selecting one for yourself: choose one with some color, and when it comes to the pom pom, go big or go home! Here are a few of my favorites to help you stay warm and cozy:


Three Tips For A Successful Black Friday

Hello! Can you believe it’s finally Thanksgiving week? I say finally because I have felt like Thanksgiving has been a long time coming this year. Probably because it has been – this year, Thanksgiving falls on the latest possible day that it could. I mean, we’re already less than one month out from Christmas!

Thanksgiving means that Black Friday is coming too, and if you read my post last year,  you’ll know that I do love to do some Black Friday shopping. It’s not something I did until recent years – essentially, I always felt it was a way to unnecessarily spend more money. Well, I guess that could be the case for some shoppers, but I found out that for me personally, and for anyone else who prepares beforehand, I was wrong. Black Friday is a way to save more money, especially when it comes to Christmas shopping. Why not purchase some or even all of your gifts on the one day of the year that they are supposed to be the least expensive?

I have found some great deals on Black Friday, and usually prevented myself from any impulse buying at the sight of a crazy bargain. Here are my three tips to steel yourself away from a shopping spree and towards a thrifty and successful black Friday:

  1. Make A List – and check it twice 😉 This is so key, and kind of a no-brainer. If you decide to embark on the mall “hoping” you’ll find some good gifts, you’re either not going to find them or you’re going to find them but also a whole lot more. Lists are a very healthy way to limit your options.

2. Read The Ads. Yes, they’re out there now for a reason! I used to think Black Friday ads were annoying, and maybe they are still a little bit,  but they’re an easy way to help you find out what deals will be taking place this weekend even before you go out. Thanks to ads, you can know if a store has what you want on sale and even what the exact discounted price will be.

3. Shop Online As Much As You Can. The beauty of Black Friday shopping in 2019 is that, instead of getting up and hauling out the door at the crack of dawn, you can shop from the comfort of your warm bed. Many or even most of the deals will be available online too, and you don’t have to brave the crowds. The exception to this would be some of the doorbusters – if you want that TV at Best Buy, you’re going to have to go out after it.

All Ears For Headbands

Sometimes trends are funny – like the fact that big, chunky, Full House-era headbands are back in. Hairbands have been in style for over a year now, but these headbands take that trend two steps further. Instead of a thing band around your head, these new headbands are meant to be a focal point of your outfit: thick and chunky or embellished. Are you a fan?



Personally, I’m not a fan – I think it’s going to be a very short-lived trend (although I could be wrong!) and I always find myself staring at people’s ears when they wear these headbands – because they’re kind of pushed to the front. An additional focal point. Oops.