So Long, Farewell (For Now)

Well friends and readers, the day has come. I have made the decision to stop blogging on this site (not that I’ve been blogging regularly on here for awhile!). But the time has come to officially stop, instead of beating myself up for letting another week or month pass by without a single new post.

Truth be told, while I’ve enjoyed blogging and it’s been a fun outlet for me, it has never been one of my primary passions. My primary passion always has been, and always will be, to design. There is nothing else I love to do more in the world than design apparel- it’s just who I am.

In addition to my part-time work with the New York School of Design, being a Beautycounter consultant, doing freelance design work for fabric design, and launching a one-time mini collection of custom tote bags in some of my prints (you can view the ones that are left HERE), I just don’t have time to blog, especially when you factor in that I’m doing all of the above during naptime. Or, at least trying to do all of the above during naptime, ha!

I started this blog just over 7 years ago, as a newlywed who had just moved to Chicago and was on the hunt for a fashion design job (SPOILER ALERT: they don’t exist there). Fast forward to now, and I am still married but no longer a newlywed, mom of two, living in the midwest and not hunting for full-time work so that I can stay home with my little ones and pursue part-time work during naptime (see above!). Times have changed since 2014 and God has been very good to me.

I might come back to this blog one day down the road, or, I might not! You can still follow my sometime-fun-sometimes-ho-hum outfit choices on Instagram @creativityandcouture, or follow my fabric design portfolio @hannahnothdesigns. It’s been a pleasure!



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