Summer 2021 Trend: Plastic Birks

Let’s file this post under blog posts I never thought I’d write – seriously, can you explain to me how plastic birkenstocks are actually TRENDY?? No, no you can’t explain it, and neither can I – and oftentimes that’s just how trends work. Last year, enough people, or at least enough influential people purchased plastic birks (probably because they were wearing them around the house, ha) that retailer buyers took notice – so fast forward to this summer, and it seems like every retailer has their own version of plastic birks. Henceforth, plastic birks are currently trendy and everybody wants some. Including me, which is funny coming from someone who loves her classic Birkenstocks but wouldn’t call them trendy, and hates Crocs. Anyways, I digress. Plastic Birks are here for the time being, they’re fun, and if you purchase the real thing or a high-end brand, you’ll get great support. If you do choose to purchase a cheap knock-off (like I did from Target), you won’t get support but they’re great for the pool. Here are a few of my favorites!

If these were in stock in my size they would be in my shopping cart right now…

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