January 2021 Creativity Challenge Outcome

Like I’ve done every January for the past few years, last month I completed a creativity challenge. A lot of artists do creativity challenges, and each one looks a little different! For me, my challenge was to design one print every other day through the month, and to find inspiration for the next print on the other days. It’s the exact same format I followed last year.

Some days it was super easy to get it done, other days it was simply unmanageable – either because of time restraints or a lack of inspiration/motivation (hello, winter and life during COVID). Either way, however, I got. it. done. Yes, I fell a little behind a couple of different times throughout the month, but I always managed to catch up, and I’m so glad I did. I now have fifteen brand-spanking-new prints to start off the year and boost my portfolio. I’ll be adding them to my Spoonflower shop soon!

I’ve grown a lot as a designer in the past year and a half, and one thing I’ve found to be so true is quality over quantity. I used to think the more prints that I cranked out, the better – but, truth be told, most of them were very poor and didn’t help me in my career at all. Now, I see that it’s better to spend more time on one print and to really make it amazing, rather than to settle for overly simplistic prints in the name of productivity.

I will share that I wouldn’t say I love every print I made during this year’s challenge, or even that all of them are solid designs. That being said, there are still a few that I do love, and I’m sharing them below. Here’s to many, many more designs and lots of growth this year!

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