What I Made in 2020

At the risk of sounding like an overeager 4-Her, I wanted to share what sewing projects I completed this past year! I’m doing this in part for me to review and see all that I made, and also to share with you so that you get the itch to start making something. It’s sew rewarding!

To put it in perspective so you know how much I usually sew: 2020 was a blockbuster year for me. I don’t usually sew as much as I did this past year, mostly due to placing priority on other projects, but this year I found that I really enjoyed it and don’t regret one single moment that I spent sewing. Also, shoutout to covid for giving me more time at home to sew. 😉

An important note is that I will never think of myself as a seamstress, and I say this because I will always love the design part of projects more than the construction. I don’t usually use patterns when I sew (although I did for three projects this year because they can be helpful), because there’s really no design involved when you’re just sewing something from an existing pattern. Instead, I value the creative process of making something from scratch over the speed of using a commercial pattern – and that’s one reason why I will never be a super prolific sewer, aka seamstress. And I am okay with it!

One last thing – this was a great sewing year for me but not a great photography year – whoops! So we’re working with some less-than-stellar photos for many of my projects, but you still get the point.

PROJECT ONE: Baby Blanket

If you can see past the gigantic pillow in front of it, that’s the double-sided baby blanket I made for our baby boy. I actually made three of these this year, all with different fabrics, and for different babies. Pattern: none.

PROJECT TWO: Baby Gown + Hat

This was super fast and super adorable to make, so I made two sets. Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT TINY BABY BOY?? Pattern: here.


I’d bought this beautiful suede-lined mint leather years ago and was tired of it wasting away, so I made a cute tote bag out of some of it and now use it as my teaching bag. Pattern: my own.


I’ve made several of these, using different patterns, and BLAH. But it looks like I’ll keep making them for awhile. Pattern: various.

PROJECT FIVE: Halloween Costumes

This was, by far, my most time-consuming sewing project of this past year, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out! I made elements of my children’s Halloween costumes (Madeline and the tiger!): a Madeline jacket, baby cap, and sewing and attaching a tiger tail to a purchased footie pajamas that I’d painted as well as a black ribbon to a straw hat. Patterns: my own.

PROJECT SIX: Baby Baptismal Gown

Oh, the time I spent on this one for it only to be worn for a couple hours ever. Still worth it! I used white silk for the gown and fine english netting from my bridal veil for the sleeves and ties at the hem, and then paired it with a baby blue pater pan collar. Pattern: my own.

PROJECT SEVEN: Christmas Stockings

I had made my daughter a Christmas stocking last year, but I didn’t really like how it turned out, so I made a new one this year, and made one for our baby son as well. It was fun to pick out different fabrics to pair together, and I think these will grow well with them. Pattern: here (not quilted).


I made zippered dopp kits for a few of the men in my family for Christmas, and failed to take a single photo of any of them. Whoops! They were pretty easy to make and I think they’ll last awhile. Pattern: here.

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