Amazon Finds November 2020

Welcome to this month’s Amazon Finds post! You’ll find products ranging from $5-$110 – and let me warn you, most of them are kid-related this month. Must be the stage of life I’m in! 😉

$110 Toddler Tower – It’s not cheap but we have one similar and have used it DAILY with our toddler for the past year – a must for the kitchen!

$36 Balloon Sleeve Sweater – Love this simple but feminine design

$10 (each) microfiber cloth – These have over 12k positive ratings so they must be good!

$5 Sticker Book – Because my toddler is obsessed with stickers

$6 Lids + Straw Set For Munchkin Cups – Perfect for our morning smoothies

$10 Food Scissors – These might be the one thing in our baby boy’s stocking this year, haha!

$17 Slippers – My definition of cozy

$13 Retro Cateye Sunglasses – Love the shape and size of these!

$12 Headbands Pack – I literally never wear headbands but I kind of really want these!

$12 6-Pack Washing Machine Cleaner – I’m way overdue on these

Can Sweatsuits Actually Be Stylish?

Today, as you may have already guessed from the title, I pose a question of high significance to you. 😉 Can sweatsuits actually be stylish?

I’m not here to answer the question, I’ll let you do that for yourself. All I want you do to is to think about it for a bit – we’re currently seeing sweatsuits on all the major retailers’ websites, which is probably the first time ever that sweatsuits are actually trending. The pandemic has taken the type of clothing formerly only worn around the house (or to the grocery store, if you’re me), in private, and not even ‘grammed about, and instead made it front and center style. I’m seeing bloggers post sweatsuits more than nearly any other type of clothing, and I guess that makes sense if most of us are still at home most of the time.

But practical or not (which they certainly are in a time like this), are they actually stylish? Comment below with your thoughts, I’d love to know them! In the meantime, here are a few cute (stylish?!) sets I found from recent browsing.

This basic jogger + oversized sweatshirt combo

This subtly ribbed combo

These are also ribbed, but short-sleeved

If you’re looking for basic, here it is

This combo is my favorite! So cozy and still cute

The color on these is so soft and feminine

If you’re feeling like just going for it…