Three Things Still Worth Buying This Fall

Hello! Each September I typically share a trend guide for the fall, since i seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year to buy clothes (which, if you’re like me in the Midwest, you have the pleasure of wearing into April). Well this year, I’m a tired mom and there’s a global pandemic going on, and so I’ve decided instead to share three styles that are still worth buying this year, even if you’re not in need of a whole new fall wardrobe since so much is still cancelled.

As I type this, I realize that there’s a chance that next fall I could still be a tired mom and there could still be a pandemic going on. Ay yi yi. Let’s take it one year at a time and hope that next year’s better! Anyways, here are your three styles! What each one of these has in common is this: they can all easily be dressed up or down. This is really key as we don’t know just how long we’ll be (mostly) staying home, and when the day does come when everything is up and running again, you don’t want to find yourself sifting through fifteen loungewear sets trying to find something presentable to wear in public. Enter these staples:

ONE. Leggings

Well, I bet you didn’t see this one coming. LEGGINGS. Yes, it is time to buy your first pair of leggings. Or, if you’re like me, your tenth pair. Leggings are perfect for a day around the house, or going out and runnings errands (with a mask!). I am sharing these leggings because, while I don’t own them (yet!), they’ve been recommended to me time and again because apparently they are dupes of the famous lululemon align leggings, and at $24 they’re only a fraction of the cost!

TWO. Cardigan

Is there a fall/winter item that’s as much of a staple as the cardigan? I don’t think so! Humble though it may be, it’s come a long ways from being worn by Mr. Rogers on screen and there are so many different styles out there, everyone can find one they like. It’s perfect for layering and can be worn with absolutely anything from gym clothes to pencil skirts. I bought this one during the Nordstrom sale and it is every bit as soft and cozy as it looks online!

THREE. Cute & Casual Shoes

Okay, I have a confession: I am a total summer shoe person. (I am also a total summer person, period. But that’s for a different post). I have always struggled finding shoes that are both cute AND practical during the fall/winter months. I end up wearing boots all the time, which is just too much of a good thing plus boots aren’t always great for walking. It’s preferable to have a shoe for the cooler months that’s not a sporty tennis shoe but not a pair of boots, either – and here’s an option: great support, laces up, but not too sporty. Something you can wear with leggings, jeans, or a sweater dress.

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