Signing Off For A Bit

Today is my last post for the next couple months as I begin my maternity leave – round two! 🙂

As I look back at photos of our daughter as a newborn part of me feels a little overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for a newborn again and now WITH a toddler as well, but mostly I am excited and deeply thankful. Do I really get to do this again?! It feels too good to be true.

When I come back I’ll share the full details of our nursery for baby #2, but for now enjoy the sneak preview below or feel free to reference back to our first Lilly Pulitzer-inspired girls nursery. Here’s to a happy, and healthy, spring.

Currently Loving: Loungewear

If you were to ask me the last time I wore jeans, I could not give you an answer. Honestly. It’s been that long, and with this quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic stretching well over a month, there’s really not much of a point in wearing them when you’re staying home all the time, if you ask me! It’s a good thing one of the top trends for spring this year (as noted in my trend guide) is sweat suits aka loungewear. So you can me trendy, comfy, and practical for all those days at home! Here are a few sets that I’m loving: