Spring Style Watch: Cardigans

Well, I blinked and three weeks have passed since I published a new post. Whoops. Spring officially starts next week and I haven’t shared any spring content yet! Today I’m going to change that, starting with the biggest spring trend I’ve seen thus far that’s also perfect for all of the transitional weather between winter and spring: cardigans.


Mr. Rogers would be so proud of this trend, am I right? Maybe you’re a fan, or maybe you think there’s nothing cute or special about wearing a fully-buttoned cardigan (because that is how the look is supposed to be worn). Well, it all depends on how you style it! Here are a few of my favorites. Notice that none of them are crewneck – while they may be similar to Mr. Rogers’ sweaters, they are not your grandma’s sweaters.

Bought this exact one because of the gorgeous color the other week and it rang up for less than $4! Don’t ask me how.


Thicker and cozy but still appropriate for spring.


The price is crazy on this but the color is gorgeous!


Another lovely color!


Subtle and feminine.




DISCLAIMER: You will definitely not see me, at least not for the first part of this spring, wearing this trend! Not a good look when you’re pregnant. 😉



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