White Sneakers: Why I (Think I) Have Changed My Mind

Did you know that I used to not be able to stand white sneakers? They screamed ultra conservative 90s/early 2000s to me, and I kept my distance from them. Once, my mom made the poor decision of sending my dad out to buy new tennis shows for himself without her, and he bought all white sneakers. Not a single speck of color on them. It was horrifying.

Well, my opinion on my dad’s poor choice of sneakers hasn’t changed, but my opinion on women wearing them with select outfits has changed. As in, I even bought a pair for myself recently! (Nikes, of course). I will never love them when paired with dresses, as is still looking to be popular this spring, but I do love the fresh look they bring to more casual outfits, without being overly athletic. They’re just more feminine than colored sneakers and can lighten up a even an all-black tracksuit. Here are a few looks with them that I like that I’ve recently found:


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