January 2020 Creativity Challenge

Hello and happy new year! (I can say that as long as it’s still January, right?) I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine were. I loved having a lengthy break from normal routines and truth be told, wasn’t feeling super excited about getting back into them. This creativity challenge helps me with that a little bit.

What is my January Creativity Challenge, you might ask? Well, I did it for the first time last year (read that post here) and essentially it is a structured way for me to spark creativity as a designer by making sure that I design/do something creative every single day of the month. If you read my post at the conclusion of the month here, you’ll see that I designed (by hand) 31 prints. So, overall, last year’s challenge was a success. I completed it! I made a bunch of prints (which are still hanging in my office)! Except……

It wasn’t fully a success because, well, a lot of the prints are useless. I’m better at designing prints by using software on my computer than by hand (like, a lot better!) and so right off the bat you know all of my hand-drawn prints won’t be that great. On top of that, since I had put pressure on myself to design a print every single day of the month, I ended up with a lot of bad prints because I was in a rush and didn’t even both to look for inspiration for moth of them. Yes, bad. So it’s hard for me to call last year’s a success when all it turned out to be was a fun little wall decoration that will forever be destined for my office and nowhere beyond that.

To change that this year, I tweaked the rules of my creativity challenge. Instead of designing one print every day, I’m designing one print every other day – and spending the day in between to search for more inspiration, which is a key part of designing quality prints! Another change is that I’m designing all prints on my computer, instead of by hand. Like I said, I’m much better at that!

My hope is that at the end of this month, in addition to sparking creativity, I’ll have 15 usable and high-quality prints – which is better than 31 prints that are kind of all duds, if you ask me!


Stay tuned for the results of my challenge after the conclusion of the month! Are you doing anything creative this cold month?

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