“So What Do You Like To Sew?”

A question I get asked a lot is: “So what do you like to sew?” You might think it odd that I get asked that question a lot, until I tell you that I’m a sewing instructor. Pretty much any time I tell someone what I do, they ask me that question. And oftentimes, I’ll get asked that question by a student. I think sometimes people picture me at home, at my sewing machine whenever I have a spare minute, turning out a project or two every single week. To which I say: uh no. Not even close. I’m not what you’d call a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. I like sewing, but it’s not one of the great loves of my life. I have a lot of other interests, and truth be told, the design portion of figuring out what to make next is my favorite part of the whole sewing process. And that leads well into my typical answer to the question frequently presented to me:


It depends on the day, but it’s usually something for my daughter or something for our home. Whatever it is, though, it’s almost always something that I have designed. You see, I’m pretty much never going to sew something that I could find an exact replica of in a store. For who I am as a sewer, that’s a waste of time, because I know I won’t really enjoy the whole process and it’s also probably a waste of money, since most items are cheaper to buy than they are to make in our modern world.


So that’s a little bit about me and my sewing mindset. Additionally, I should note that I try (emphasis on try) to only work on one project at a time. I’ve found that helps me to be both more relaxed and focused. Here are a few of my recent projects!


June 2018 – Baptism Gown 


October 2018 – Tutu & Hat for Pineapple Costume


July 2019 – Pinafore-style First Birthday Gown


October 2019 – Vest and Ruffle Skirt for Construction Worker Costume


November 2019 – Quilt (originally started in September 2013!)


Drop a note in the comments and tell me what you’ve been sewing recently! 


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