The Pants You Need For Fall

Where I live in Ohio, we’ve had about 1-2 days of pants weather so far this year, and yes, I’ve already found the pair of pants I will be living in all fall (and winter… and maybe spring too…). They’re that comfy and versatile!


On a rather unimportant side note, let me remind you that I am not one to rush into fall like every other person out there (or so it feels like right now), but I do like to be prepared. And these pants have me feeling prepared. I introduce to you…. the joggers!

Here’s the pair that I own and love, courtesy of Target:


Joggers are the pants that look like real pants but feel like sweatpants. You can dress them up or down in a cinch. Running errands? Joggers, v-neck tee, and sneakers. Out to dinner? Same joggers, button-down blouse, and slides. They key thing I want to clarify about joggers is this: they’re versatile as long as you don’t purchase a pair that’s made out of fleece/sweatpant material. Because then, while they’re super comfy, they’re actually just sweatpants. The pair above that I own is made out of a slick fabric, a poly/spandex blend, which provides a lightweight feel against my skin and (bonus) stains wipe off of it easily.



Another thing to love about joggers is that they’re such a flattering style on a myriad of body types. Unlike leggings, which don’t look great on everyone and should be worn only under longer-length tops, joggers don’t cling to your legs or accentuate your thighs. They’re very loosely fitted so that you could tuck a fitted top into them or even pair them with a boxy crop top.


Here’s to wearing what I love – joggers!




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