Why September Is For Creative Dressing

Or, in other words, why September forces me to be creative each year with my outfits. Because that’s what happens every time September rolls around in the midwest. It’s HOT. (Fun fact, September has actually been hotter than August was this year). But it’s also not full-blown summer anymore, which means that white shorts and sandals, summery prints, and swimsuits are packed away, even though the temperature says it’s still fine to wear them. September is just such a month of transition (similar to March), that one can really be confused about what to wear.


At this point in the season, as much of a summer lover as I am, I do confess that I get a little tired of wearing the same tank tops and shorts that I’ve been wearing the previous three months. I sense that it’s time to mix it up, and the those around me might appreciate it as well. 😉 So, I stop reaching for tank tops and start reaching for more muted shirts or sleeveless button downs. I put away my flip flops and instead select black sandals. I say so long to my Lilly Pulitzer shorts and trade them in for denim or navy shorts. I still dress according to the hot temperatures that are outside, but I don’t look like I’m going to the beach, either. And somehow, I’ll get through this month of transition, and even come away with a few new outfit ideas, just like I always do.




The Pants You Need For Fall

Where I live in Ohio, we’ve had about 1-2 days of pants weather so far this year, and yes, I’ve already found the pair of pants I will be living in all fall (and winter… and maybe spring too…). They’re that comfy and versatile!


On a rather unimportant side note, let me remind you that I am not one to rush into fall like every other person out there (or so it feels like right now), but I do like to be prepared. And these pants have me feeling prepared. I introduce to you…. the joggers!

Here’s the pair that I own and love, courtesy of Target:


Joggers are the pants that look like real pants but feel like sweatpants. You can dress them up or down in a cinch. Running errands? Joggers, v-neck tee, and sneakers. Out to dinner? Same joggers, button-down blouse, and slides. They key thing I want to clarify about joggers is this: they’re versatile as long as you don’t purchase a pair that’s made out of fleece/sweatpant material. Because then, while they’re super comfy, they’re actually just sweatpants. The pair above that I own is made out of a slick fabric, a poly/spandex blend, which provides a lightweight feel against my skin and (bonus) stains wipe off of it easily.



Another thing to love about joggers is that they’re such a flattering style on a myriad of body types. Unlike leggings, which don’t look great on everyone and should be worn only under longer-length tops, joggers don’t cling to your legs or accentuate your thighs. They’re very loosely fitted so that you could tuck a fitted top into them or even pair them with a boxy crop top.


Here’s to wearing what I love – joggers!