Summer 2019 Bucket List, Revisited

Well folks, it’s time for the good, the bad, and the ugly – since this weekend marks the end of summer in the social sense (so sad!), I thought I’d share what I did and did not cross off my summer 2019 bucket list, which I posted at the beginning of June.

I wanted to share it, because to quote from my initial post, “I should, absolutely, one hundred percent, go ahead and make the bucket list for this summer. And that I should, absolutely, one hundred percent, not be too terribly disappointed when/if I don’t check everything off of it. Because that’s simply life, and I happen to love my life right now, and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Overall, I’m definitely not “too terribly disappointed” with it; I’m actually pretty happy with how much I did on the list, all things considered – and by all things I mean an intense kitchen renovation and a busy one-year-old. 🙂 Some of these things are definitely going on next summer’s list!

  1. Go to a baseball game – like our minor league team, the Columbus Clippers. – NO. But we talked about doing it, does that count for something? 😉


2. Visit Rockmill Brewery – less than an hour away from the city and in such a beautiful area it makes for a perfect day trip! – NO. Also did not do this. But they just built a new tasting room and the fall colors down there are gorgeous, so I really think we’ll go this fall!


3. Visit three new metro parks- there are so many in Columbus, and while I’ve loved every one I’ve been to so far, I want to branch out! (no pun intended). -ALMOST. I visited two new metro gardens, and they were gorgeous! Did not make it to a third new park.



4. Visit Hocking Hills State Park- we go here for my birthday each year and it’s my favorite. -YES. We went here, went on a hike without our phones (oops) and marveled at the beauty of the park, and visited our favorite winery. I just love going there.


5. Do some sort of water activity- planning on checking stand up paddle boarding off this list next week! -YES YES YES. Lots of time was spent in the water this summer, and it was wonderful. Not only did I do SUP, kayaked, and swam laps once a week, but I visited the pool several times with my daughter. She went from hating the water to loving every second of it, and it was simply the best.


6. Go to a rooftop bar or patio– like Vaso, which is right down the road. -YES. I went to Vaso, and it was so fun! The view was great, and also hot!


7. Go to a concert- literally any concert. It could even just be free music in the park. Just get to one! -YES. We went to free music in the park, and it was a local band playing covers from boy bands. It was a fun evening.


8. Take advantage of as many other summer opportunities that I can- like festivals, walking to get ice cream, splash pads, all the above! -YES, although I realize this one is a little vague. We walked to get ice cream countless times, went to farmer’s markets, and ate outside on as many patios as possible. Summer, I love you.



Now that’s quite enough about my summer – tell me how your summer was!

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