Cheers To Five Years

The end of this month marks five years since I’ve started this blog. Five Years. !! You can go back and see my highly captivating posts from August 2014 here.



very first post!!



Truth be told, I almost didn’t share that I just hit the five year mark on this blog. Why? Because it really hasn’t grown all that much in five years. Yes, my blog is kind of a dud.


Sure, I’ve gained readers/followers over that time period, since I literally started with zero, but my blog certainly hasn’t exploded in popularity like other fashion blogs. I’ll read things like “Remember, it took me four years to get to this point” and I think, yikes! At this rate I’ll be 100 before I make it big.


But you know what? As much as I love blogging and want to keep doing it, it’s not really a huge priority of mine. If I had poured more time and energy into this blog, I’m sure it would have been more successful and seen better five-year growth. (Well, at least I think it would have!). But I have other priorities in life – my family, our home, and my two side jobs. Sorry dear blog, you’re a fun hobby, and that’s all.



So here’s to blogging about what I want, when I want, and not feeling stressed about it. And here’s to you reading what you want, when you want, and not feeling pressured about it! This is a happy place, and I think I’ll keep it around for another five years.

Then and now. Life was good then; life is sweeter now.


Then and now. Life was good then; life is sweeter now.


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