Things I’m Loving This Summer

Well, I wasn’t planning on taking a two week break from blogging, but that’s just how summer’s been going recently – busy and flying by! Today I’m back with a quick post sharing a few things I’m loving this summer. Key difference being the emittance of the word “for.” I see a lot of posts at the beginning of each season – I even personally publish posts like this – where bloggers share things they’re loving for this season. Nothing wrong with that, but now that we’re past the halfway point of summer, I wanted to share a few things that I have actually used and loved this summer. So here they are!



Bracelets Stacks – a lazy girl’s way of wearing jewelry


Saltwater Sandals – nothing new here, summer #4 of wearing them and still love them!


Bold Lip Color – a lazy girl’s way of makeup… seeing a trend here? 


Fun Nail Color – because no fun is not fun


Denim Shorts – go with everything and can be worn year after year 


Hats – okay well I’ll probably never actually love these but they protect my skin and I love that!


Ponytails – easiest way to stay comfortable when it’s so hot 

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