To My Daughter On Her First Birthday

This is part two of two in a series of personal posts I’m sharing in honor of my daughter’s first birthday last week. And, yes, it’s a week (technically eight days) late. 


Dear Joy,

You were born at 2:02 am in the very early morning hours of July 3rd, one year ago. And as special as it was the moment you entered the world, my favorite memory from that day was a few hours later. We had “settled” into our hospital room, and were supposed to be getting some sleep (ha!) before visitors came later that morning. I slept for maybe an hour, and then woke up around 6 am, because I was just too happy to sleep. I turned to look at you, placed right by my hospital bed, and you were staring silently at me. Your big dark eyes looked at me, and in that moment, I felt both as if I didn’t know you at all and also that I had already known you for a very long time.


This past year has been filled with “firsts” for both you and me, as it’s been your first year of life, and my first year of motherhood. I have had my fair share of failures and mistakes, but you haven’t seemed to mind. You’ve been a happy baby, rarely crying or getting upset unless you’re tired, hungry, or teething. You started sleeping through the night when you turned three months old, and you haven’t stopped since – which your dad and I love!

We’ve rarely been apart this entire year- you’ve been my little sidekick everywhere I’ve gone, and I think you’ve liked that as much as I have. Recently, you started saying “mama” and reaching for me, and that’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. You also recently started crawling for the door and saying “dada” as soon as your dad gets home from work, and I think that’s pretty much his favorite thing ever.

You already have a sweet personality, with an abundance of smiles and happy claps. You’re very observant of other people, and you also love to give kisses. I can also already tell that you inherited my strong will – so that should be interesting as the years go by. 😉

Whenever you end up being able to go back and read this, dear one, I want you to know two things: First, that you will never be everything – and that’s okay! You are my favorite little person ever, but you can never be enough to truly satisfy me, and no one person can do that for you either. Only Christ is enough to do that, to to bring fulfillment and contentment to our hearts, and that’s something I will continue to teach you over and over again.

And second, I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what the years bring or how big you grow or where you go, I will always, always, always love you. Nothing can ever change that. Period.




All my love,


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