Platform Sandals: Welcome To America

Have you ever heard the theory that Europe is ahead of the US when it comes to fashion? Well, it’s not just a theory – it’s true! When I was in Barcelona a couple of years ago, I saw platform sandals Seriously – it seemed like every other woman that I passed on the street was wearing them. Now, fast forward two years, and they’ve finally made it to the US (now I just need to go back to Europe to see what’s coming next!).


In case you’re not familiar with them, platform sandals are like a heeled sandal, except the heel goes across the entire sole of the shoe. So your toes have now been brought up to your heel level. 😉 They’re comfortable, casual (although you can dress them up if needed!), and better for your feet to wear than traditional heels. Sadly, as I am already tall, you probably won’t see me wearing them… but still, here are a few of my favorites!



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