Three Hair Hacks

The real title of this post should be “How To Hide Mom Hair,” because that’s currently what I’m dealing with. I’m in dire need of a haircut – my ends are straggly (is that even a word?), my roots are showing, and I have weird regrowth happening after postpartum hair loss. Don’t you worry, I plan on getting a haircut soon! But I’ve found myself experimenting more with hairstyles in the past couple of weeks, much more so than I usually would, in order to disguise my dire hair straits. I guess “necessity is the mother of invention,” because I’ve found a few styles kind of by accident that I actually love! Here they are:

  1. Side Bobby. This is so basic, does this even count as a hairstyle? For the sake of this blog post I’m rolling with it. This is my go-to for when I have zero time or energy but still want to wear my hair down and not look like a walking tumbleweed.


2. High Bun. Also super easy and provides the benefit of getting hair out of the way – by which I mean, out of reach from yanking baby hands. I’ve never loved the way my hair looks in a bun but I’ve really come to embrace it in this season of life. It’s as easy as a ponytail but provides a bit more sophisticated look.


3. Hair Band. This is something I hadn’t worn in years until I fished one out of my hair accessories container recently. And, I love wearing them! They not only keep hair out of my face, but they’re soft and feminine and stay put on my head. And they’re currently trending. You can expect to see me in these a lot this summer!


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