An Ode to Color

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new here when I say that, when it comes to home decor, white is IN. Like, all white everything. Big open spaces and all-white walls (what walls are left, anyways). Paint the entire inside of your house white, and if you really want to mix it up- well then, choose different shades…. of white.


I don’t have anything against white. In fact, living in a house that doesn’t have an abundance of natural light, I’ve come to appreciate white walls more than I ever had previously. There are a couple rooms in our home that are white. But, they’re more like the exception than the rule, because I love color.

Color is bright. Color is bold. Color is exciting. Color is stimulating. Color is (can be) cozy. Color is unique. Color is everything I want my home to be… so most of the time, I choose color.

For a little while I struggled with this desire to have a color-filled home because, well, I’m a style blogger, and I like my home to be stylish. I felt like maybe there was something wrong with my love for color because nobody else seemed to like it anymore.

But then I came to the somewhat obvious realization: this is MY house. I want to decorate it the way that I love, that my family loves, not the way that the magazines show or that I see other bloggers choosing. That’s great for them, but not for me. Color is my style, and you know what? I think my colorful home is full of style.

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