Memorial Day Weekend Sales

There are a lot of things to love about a holiday weekend – extra time off work, time with friends and family, fun events to attend, and oh, the sales. That’s what I wanted to share about today. There are so many great sales going on for Memorial Day Weekend! Here’s a few of the sales that are currently happening:

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Old Navy:


Urban Outfitters (will have 50% off starting on Sunday!):


Banana Republic:










Why You Should Love Tie Front Tops Too

The “too” in this title means what you think it means – I sure do love tie front tops! They’re trending right now and this is one trend I’ve wholeheartedly embraced. However, I know people who don’t like them, or at least think they don’t. They’re unwilling to try them because they think they look too juvenile or they show too much skin. Well, I’m here to tell you that if your tie front top is showing skin, then you’re doing it wrong. The tie front look I’m talking about shortens your shirt, for sure, but it certainly doesn’t show midriff. It’s not meant to. Instead, it’s meant to flatter. And that’s why I love tie front tops.


They’re universally flattering on all waistlines. Yes, they are seriously slimming. Regardless of what type of waist you have, if you’re under 80, you need to go try one on. You’ll see that it instantly takes off multiple pounds (can I get an amen). Tie it in the front, or to the side (if you’re pregnant that’s a cute look!). All you need to do is tie it low enough so that it doesn’t show skin but tight enough so that it cinches in your shirt. Here are a few of my favorites:

If it’s tie front and tye dye does that make it a tie or tye shirt?
My favorite tie front sweater from last winter!



Three Hair Hacks

The real title of this post should be “How To Hide Mom Hair,” because that’s currently what I’m dealing with. I’m in dire need of a haircut – my ends are straggly (is that even a word?), my roots are showing, and I have weird regrowth happening after postpartum hair loss. Don’t you worry, I plan on getting a haircut soon! But I’ve found myself experimenting more with hairstyles in the past couple of weeks, much more so than I usually would, in order to disguise my dire hair straits. I guess “necessity is the mother of invention,” because I’ve found a few styles kind of by accident that I actually love! Here they are:

  1. Side Bobby. This is so basic, does this even count as a hairstyle? For the sake of this blog post I’m rolling with it. This is my go-to for when I have zero time or energy but still want to wear my hair down and not look like a walking tumbleweed.


2. High Bun. Also super easy and provides the benefit of getting hair out of the way – by which I mean, out of reach from yanking baby hands. I’ve never loved the way my hair looks in a bun but I’ve really come to embrace it in this season of life. It’s as easy as a ponytail but provides a bit more sophisticated look.


3. Hair Band. This is something I hadn’t worn in years until I fished one out of my hair accessories container recently. And, I love wearing them! They not only keep hair out of my face, but they’re soft and feminine and stay put on my head. And they’re currently trending. You can expect to see me in these a lot this summer!


An Ode to Color

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new here when I say that, when it comes to home decor, white is IN. Like, all white everything. Big open spaces and all-white walls (what walls are left, anyways). Paint the entire inside of your house white, and if you really want to mix it up- well then, choose different shades…. of white.


I don’t have anything against white. In fact, living in a house that doesn’t have an abundance of natural light, I’ve come to appreciate white walls more than I ever had previously. There are a couple rooms in our home that are white. But, they’re more like the exception than the rule, because I love color.

Color is bright. Color is bold. Color is exciting. Color is stimulating. Color is (can be) cozy. Color is unique. Color is everything I want my home to be… so most of the time, I choose color.

For a little while I struggled with this desire to have a color-filled home because, well, I’m a style blogger, and I like my home to be stylish. I felt like maybe there was something wrong with my love for color because nobody else seemed to like it anymore.

But then I came to the somewhat obvious realization: this is MY house. I want to decorate it the way that I love, that my family loves, not the way that the magazines show or that I see other bloggers choosing. That’s great for them, but not for me. Color is my style, and you know what? I think my colorful home is full of style.