Easter Finest

Well, today’s post is short and sweet because my original plan was to share photos of my Easter outfits over the years and talk about how I always love how pretty much everyone dresses up on Easter Sunday. However, I only found photos from the past two Easters, and that’s literally it. Apparently I hadn’t thought to document my Easter outfits before then. Whoops!


In all seriousness, though, I really do love how everyone dresses up on Easter. We live in an extremely casual society, and I don’t think we’re any better off because of it. Casual dress can easily lead to casual attitudes, and by this I’m referring to the age-old philosophy that how you present yourself is 90% of an interview, meeting, etc.

When I’m in the South, one of my favorite things to do it people watch. (Okay, I might love people watching wherever I am, NBD). But I especially love it in the South because people dress up more down there – specifically when going to church. Any time I’ve visited a church in the South it feels like Easter Sunday, even if it’s not, because I’m surrounded by bow ties, shiny belts, and pastel dresses. And I love it.


So this Sunday, I hope you go to church and I hope you dress up – because it’s Easter! I certainly am – and am looking forward to dressing my entire little family in pink this year- or at least a pink tie, if my husband’s reading this 😉 Happy Easter weekend!


2017. Snapped a quick photo while I was thinking of it in the guest room of my parent’s house. Clearly my selfie game is top notch.
2018. Six months pregnant and feeling like an Easter horse covered in flowers.

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