The Realization That Changed My Home Decorating Strategy

Recently I changed my design strategy for decorating our home and I’m so excited about it I just HAD to share it with you! It’s a blanket truth that can apply to lots of areas of life, but I’m finding that right now it resonates most clearly with me when it comes to my house:


Just because something has been a certain way doesn’t mean it has to continue being that same way.

I’m sure you’ve heard this or something very similar before- I know had, but I’d never thought about what it meant for decorating our living space until I read my new favorite home book, (which I’ve mentioned on here already, I love it that much!), Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith. As you might have guessed from the title she’s all about having a cozy home, but that coziness doesn’t have to be achieved by using more stuff.

“When I keep acquiring stuff because I can -without a goal- coziness turns into clutter, a distraction from the life I want to live. I’m assigning myself extra work to care for all of my precious stuff and, ultimately, that means my junk gets in the way of the people…. Suddenly, my cute stuff is in my way, my house is messy, and I’m overwhelmed.”

While I was reading the book it was almost like a light bulb went off above my head – a ha! I had pointless clutter in my home, all because I thought it made it look more cozy and “lived-in.” Let me back up a bit to explain.

My husband and moved three times over the course of our first three years of marriage. I came into our marriage already with a modest amount of home decor, since I’d had an apartment the second half of college. I decorated our first apartment with pretty much all of the decor I had, and then switched out seasonal decorations on a seasonal basis (naturally). We moved to our second apartment and again I put out my decor, all of the exact same decor, in basically the same places in the apartment that they had been in our previous one. The only change I made was that now I had even more knickknacks and decorations. We moved a third time, to our current house, and guess what? Yep. Once again, I put out all of the same decor, in basically the same places they had always been, except now in addition to having more stuff, I also had more space, so it looked a little different.


I’d dust the same frame on the same coffee table over and over again and then look at the votive candle that had always been in the same spot on same bookcase and think it all looked a little bland after three years, but truly it didn’t ever cross my mind to actually change anything until I read the book.

After I read the book, it felt so freeing to finally change up my decor and realize that putting out all of it wasn’t making my home cozy – it just looked bland and cluttered. I put away a good chunk of my knickknacks and changed up the rest, moving them to different spots of our house. I also stopped putting out all of my seasonal decor every year, choosing instead to select certain items to put out and leave the rest in storage for the next year – except for Christmas, that is. I still kind of go all out for Christmas because, well, it’s Christmas.

I feel so much more bold and free in my decorating choices now as I arm myself with these truths: More style does not equal more stuff! Just because something has been a certain way doesn’t mean it has to continue being that same way! I truly love decorating, transforming, and renovating (more on that later, but I’ve already shared our master bathroom renovation) our home, and have grown so much as a designer because of it. I’m now a converted Cozy Minimalist, and I love it. Home decorating is a journey, but it’s sure a fun one!



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