Are Skinny Jeans On Their Way Out?


2019 is shaping up to be a milestone year, trend-wise. Scrunchies are back, tennis shoes are blindingly white, snakeskin is everywhere, and skinny jeans are no longer in style – wait, what?





I’m as big of a fan of skinny jeans as anyone else. Aside from one pair of girlfriend jeans, they’re all I own, denim-wise. They’re universally flattering on all body types (as long as they’re not too skinny) and they can easily be dressed up or down. And they’re a known staple. Skinny jeans started to come back into style over a decade ago, and they’re been going strong ever since. But the vicious cycle of fashion had to catch up with them at some point, as each trend, no matter how strong it is, has a lifespan. And so, yes. Skinny jeans are (finally) on their way out.



More and more, other silhouettes are becoming popular and are starting to edge out skinny jeans. To be specific, straight-leg, bootcut or flare, and kick crop (cropped jeans with a frayed hem) jeans are now considered more trendy than skinny jeans. If you buy a pair of jeans this spring and want them to look brand new and current, then you should probably go with a kick crop pair instead of skinny jeans.


Before you decide to donate your old skinny jeans, let me tell you this: while skinny jeans are no longer at the top of the fashion pyramid, they’re still considered a classic staple. Why? Well, for one, because they’ve been around for so long, and two, because none of the other more trendy silhouettes are as versatile as skinny jeans. So hang on to them, and wear them still (like me!), but consider diversifying your jean choices – you’ll be so 2019.

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