Spring 2019 Mini Trend Guide

Now that it’s officially spring, here’s a my annual trend guide (albeit a mini one this year)! Ah. Spring style. It brings to mind lightweight jackets, bright Easter dresses, white jeans and flowing tops. Ironically, none of those things are included in this year’s trends. Spring 2019 trends are a motley crew, a combination of ’90s flashbacks and feminine details (yes please). Before you read this, let me add a gentle reminder: just because something is a trend doesn’t mean I personally care for it (which is why you won’t catch me in bike shorts). And it doesn’t mean you have to either! But here they are, because it’s good to stay informed.


Peep-Toe Sandals



Sash Tie Shorts



Bike Shorts



Tie Dye



Midi Dresses



Sneakers Paired with… Anything! (literally)



Big Barrettes



Wide Leg Crops






Florals (of course!!)


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