Sweaters for Spring

Every year when March rolls around I feel completely uninspired by my wardrobe choices. I’ve said it on here before and I’ll say it again: March and September are the hardest months to dress for, because while they seem like they should be spring and fall months (respectively), they really are winter and summer months. Which means that, at least here in the midwest, it’s simply not practical to wear spring clothing just yet, and instead the chilly (or even cold!) temperatures mean we have no choice but to carry on with the bundling up.

But bundling up doesn’t have to mean your outfit is as bleak and dreary as the weather. You can still add pops of spring color to your wardrobe without sacrificing warmth! I’ve found the easiest way to combat the March doldrums is to infuse my still warm-and-cozy outfits with bright or pastel colors. I do this by wearing sweaters, like I have been for the last few months, but choosing sweaters that have more color to them. Here are a few of my favorites for this year!


less than $15!
less than $13!



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