Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin C

In case you hadn’t noticed, skincare has become a very favorite topic of mine. In the past year and a half, I really started caring more about paying more attention to what I’m putting on my skin and why I’m putting it on my skin. In my teenage and college years I was so harsh on my skin – I rarely wore sunscreen, would cleanse my skin at least twice a day, and that was pretty much it. Was my skin oily? Was it dry? Was it breaking out? I thought cleansing it was the answer to all of these. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Consequently, I am now trying to undo years of harsh treatment on my skin by caring for it with quality products (including sunscreen every day, no exceptions!) that are both safe and effective. Today I’m sharing about a favorite ingredient of mine: Vitamin C.

I think we all know that we should be drinking and/or eating some form of Vitamin C regularly (I love to putting orange juice in my morning smoothies!), but did you know that you should also be applying it to your facial skin? Like, every day? Yes, and here’s why: Vitamin C has brightening properties that can help to erase damage caused by the sun and by aging.


More specifically, here are its benefits:


  • Stimulates collagen production. And, in doing so, it helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles (sounds good to me!).


  • Repairs sun or environmental damage. According to an article published by health.com, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce signs of aging by repairing the damage done by free radicals and the sun and can even help to protect against future damage (but be sure to use it with, and not in place of, sunscreen).


  • Reduces redness or dark spots. This is the area where daily Vitamin C application has most benefited me as I can personally testify that it and it alone has helped to lessen the appearance of dark spots on my face – see the photos below.

  • Hydrates your skin. The combination of oil vitamins delivers lasting moisture to your skin. Perfect for combating winter dryness!


I use this Vitamin C Brightening Facial Oil from Beautycounter, and I love it. Why? It has a nice, light citrus scent (that’s from actual orange peel oil, and not artificial fragrance), it goes on lightly and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky afterwards (so I can still apply my moisturizer on top of it), it does hydrate my skin like oil should, and did I mention that it’s helped with my dark spots (clearly I’m very excited about this)?! The bottle says to use 4-6 drops daily, but I’ve found 3-4 at most are enough to cover my face. I’ve used this oil either every day or every other day (I don’t use it on the days I use this peel) for the past eight months, and it’s not empty yet. So it lasts awhile!


So, first, definitely make sure you’re regularly applying Vitamin C oil to your face! And second, make sure that the oil you do decide to use (or are already using) is safe (no harmful artificial fragrance, parabens, etc.) and effective (hydrating and anti-aging). Then you will be maximizing the benefits of this powerhouse vitamin!

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