Thoughts on Blogging

Hello and welcome to my post where I pick apart other bloggers because I’m a perfect blogger myself!

Kidding. I am a FAR from perfect blogger and I am not here today to nitpick at other bloggers and tell you why I’m better than they are. Because I’m not better than they are. What I actually want to do is to share a few things I’ve learned from being a blogger but mostly from being a blog reader – which, if you’re reading this, then you are one too!

I used to read blogs – style blogs, mostly – and just think that these fashion bloggers had it all. I didn’t know anything about how they made money – I thought they just did it for fun (and maybe happened to be married to someone rich). And I thought that they knew it all. I mean, if someone has thousands of followers, that must mean they know what they’re talking about. Right?

Well…. mostly. The thing is, we bloggers do not always know it all or even know what we’re talking about – but what we do know is that we have an audience who’s watching and will read whatever content we chug out. And today I’m speaking to you, the audience, and telling you to take the things you read and see on blogs with a grain of salt, because bloggers don’t know everything. Here are a few examples:


  1. Like it or not, most major blog content is sponsored.

Bloggers have to make money too, you know? If you’re following a blogger with tens of thousands of followers, then it’s very likely that the majority of her posts will be sponsored. This is because a) she has so many followers and therefore has tons of opportunities to works with brands and/or b) she has so many followers and therefore quit her full-time job to make blogging her new full-time job. Sponsored content does not mean that it’s a dishonest post or that you shouldn’t even bother to read it – what it does mean is that you should understand that the blogger’s “unbiased opinion” might actually be a teeny bit biased because of what she’s pocketing for writing this post. So keep that in mind, but also know that most bloggers only write sponsored posts for brands they actually wear and love. This is good news for us readers because it means that the majority of sponsored posts will still be genuine.

2. Style blogger does not necessarily equal stylish blogger

Ay yi yi. I really can’t believe I’m writing this. I mean, it’s great and all that anyone and everyone can become a style blogger if they want to, but that doesn’t mean anyone and everyone should become a style blogger. Style is essentially timeless elegance – but too many style bloggers take it to mean that style is whatever outfit combo they came up with and posted about that day. And if their Instagram outfit post gets tons and tons of likes? Well yay! Then they must be stylish.


Let me give you an example of a style blogger I follow. I’m not going to share her photo, just her caption from a date night look she posted about last week: “Took this little spaghetti dress for a spin and tossed on a sweater, leather jacket and sneaks to dress it down.” The “little spaghetti dress” to which she is referring is a gorgeous red lace fitted dress that hit her at mid-calf. And she piled a sweater and a leather jacket over it (didn’t mention a belt but there was a belt on there too), and paired it with vans. VANS. Yikes.


Do the style bloggers that you follow share lots of “new” and “exciting” outfit combos? Then they probably aren’t truly stylish, believe it or not.

3. Bloggers don’t always pick their topics well

Recently I read a post by a style blogger that I follow who also happens to be a mom and frequently blogs on the topic of motherhood. Her post was entitled “How to Get your Body Back Post-Baby.” Sounds good, so far, right? I went to read the post and at the very beginning she says this: “Okay, don’t hate me, but I didn’t gain that much weight with [child’s name]. Only 16 lbs, most of which was gone shortly after his birth. Maybe that makes me less qualified to write on this topic?” Um YES. It does. Then why write it?


Time and again I’ve seen bloggers write about topics that they really aren’t qualified to write about or that just aren’t relevant to their audience – I know I myself am guilty of this (like the time several years ago that I tried to lead a fitness challenge but it failed so miserably that I didn’t even finish it. Whoops). I hope your main takeaway from this aligns with my earlier point of bloggers not knowing everything – if a blogger you’re following posts about something outside of what they usually post about, or writes a post and admits that they probably shouldn’t be writing it – then don’t read it! There are lots of better things to read out there.


This might have all sounded a bit rambling, but I hope it was informative, at the very least! I love both reading and writing blogs, and I’ve found that being informed helps me to better enjoy both of those things.

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