The Outcome Of My January Resolution

Earlier this month I shared a somewhat surprising post about why I was actually excited for January this year – although that was before I knew just how cold it would get this month, ha! Basically I wanted to spark creativity in my life by challenging myself to design one print per day for the entire month. Now that we’re at the end of the month, I wanted to share an update as to how it worked out. Did I actually accomplish this?

Answer: Yes! I did! I designed a print, every day, no matter how late at night it was that I actually remembered to do it or how inspired I was feeling that day.  I have two major takeaways from this challenge.

First, that I’m not very good at designing prints – at least not right now. Most of these prints are so terrible that I didn’t want to put them up on my office wall, much less share them on here. You see, it’s been years since I’ve really designed prints to any extent, and I’d lost my touch. In addition to being rusty, I didn’t spend much time at all trying to find inspiration for these prints, and when I don’t find inspiration, it really shows and the design is just kind of blah (like 70% of the prints are). So while it’s a bit of a downer that I’m not very good at print design right now, I think I know how to change that – if I want to. I’m confident that if I were to put forth the effort and the time needed, I could produce prints as good as the ones I designed in a corporate setting.

Second, that, even in these early stages of motherhood, I can make the time to do what I love, and it’s not even that hard. Sure, it wasn’t until late at night that I made some of these prints, but that was usually more due to me forgetting about it until then, as opposed to not having time for it until then. With having only one baby who still takes multiple naps a day, it’s not hard to take fifteen minutes or even a half hour to do something that I love.

So there’s that. January resolution, check! Now to see if I can keep this creativity spark alive for the rest of the year… stay tuned!

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