Our $100 Room

This post is the fourth in my At Home series (you can find the first about our fireplace here, the second about our nursery here, and the third about our master bathroom here).


Today I want to share some photos with you of our living room! Yay! Which we basically furnished for $100! Double yay! Wait, seriously? Yes, with two disclaimers:


  1. The roughly $100 we spent to furnish the room did not include what we spent on paint for both the walls and the trim (in which case it would bring the total closer to $200).
  2. We did not set out to only spend $100 on this room, it just kind of happened unintentionally. And we were more than okay with it.


All right, now that we have those disclaimers out of the way, let’s move on, shall we? I’m excited to share what our living room looks like now and let me tell you, it took awhile to get it this way. I had admired that it was always a light-filled, large, open, room at the front of our house, but in the months following our move, it really turned into a catch-all room and one that we didn’t use. At all. We instead focused our time and energy on other rooms that we used a lot more – like our family room and my office. One thing that was a big turn off for me in this room was the carpet. Let me tell you: it is UGLY. (I say “is” because unfortunately it’s still there. More on that in a minute). It’s different than the rest of the carpet in our house (thank goodness!) because it’s a lower tuft so it’s not very comfy and it’s a deep beige color with an orange tint in it. Kind of something you might expect to see in an office building from the 1970s. Yuck. Because we had already scheduled our master bathroom renovation at that point and knew we would want to renovate the kitchen afterwards, there was no way we would be able to replace the flooring in this room anytime soon. And so, mainly because I didn’t like the carpet, I dismissed the entire room and just left it as is.



A few months later, I happened to see someone post a free oriental rug on an online marketplace. My husband and I went and snatched it up that very day. It was HUGE and heavy and soaking wet because it had been sitting out on the curb in the rain all day, but it was free and it was ours and it ended up being a beautiful rug. We clean it, dried it, and put it in the living room, where it ended up covering most of the carpet. And finally, I started to feel inspired for the room. I picked out a neutral gray paint color, and with the help of a friend and some family, I painted the room and the trim (story of our house, painting trim!). Immediately the room brightened and, alas, the rug did not match anymore. It was too dark and too red for the room – see below.

So, I sold the rug and and bought a new lighter one for a $16 difference. If you’re wondering how we only spent $100 on the entire room, that rug is a large part of it. The rest of the furnishings were either:


a. Left at the house when we bought it (china cabinets)

b. Given to us (piano, round table, end table, green lamp, world map)

c. Bought by us (green chairs, silver lamp, silver table, rocking chair)

d. Made by us (wooden bin)

=$100 total!

It all ended up coming together beautifully. I look at the room now and love how it looks while also being aware that it’s not totally finished quite yet. For one, the carpet is still there, albeit mostly covered by a rug. And, I’m not a fan of those open china cabinets – both the color and the fact that they’re mostly open, just not practical with kids around! I also like our rocking chair but it doesn’t match the rest of the room, so eventually it will need to be replaced with something else. And finally, one day this living room is going to double as our playroom, so the space that’s open by the wall with the Joy sign will eventually be filled with toys, bins, shelves, etc., but it makes sense to leave it empty for now.


So, in closing, while the room’s not technically 100% finished, it’s pretty close and it’s great for right now. We’re happy with another room that we’ve transformed in our home. Thanks for following me on this journey! Here are the “after” photos:



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