3 Skincare Products I Use Daily, Early 2019 Edition

Today’s post is an updated version of a post I wrote nearly a year ago about three skincare products I use daily. Below is an excerpt from that post:


“Within the past six months I’ve been working towards incorporating more natural and toxin-free skincare products into my daily routine, at least where it made sense. I’ve almost completely switched out our household cleaning supplies to non-toxic products, thanks to wonderful brands like Seventh Generation and Norwex. Since skincare products are literally absorbed into my bloodstream, I figured that would be a pretty good place to focus on next! I am a huge fan of Beautycounter and how it only sells safe, nontoxic beauty products. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more about them from me in the future!”


Well, that mindset certainly hasn’t changed. I still love Beautycounter (I’m a consultant for them now) and since that date I did continue to switch over my skincare products to safe options . In fact, I’ve now totally made the switch to only using safe skincare products (YAY) and am currently working on switching out my makeup for safer options.

What has changed are the actual products that I use. Interestingly enough, I no longer use any of those three products I featured a year ago. Both the sunscreen and the rose water facial toner that I used at the time had some harmful ingredients in them, and while the vitamin C serum that I used was safe, I found another option that works better.


So, here are three products that I’m currently using daily – and as a side note, I use more than three products on my face each day, but today I’m choosing to only feature these three. Maybe in the future I’ll share my whole routine!


1. Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen

In my opinion, this is the best sheer sunscreen available. I love how easy it is to apply without making my skin feel oily, and Supergoop! is a safe brand I’m happy to support. I put this on every day before anything else. UV rays? No thank you!


2. Beautycounter Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream

I gently pat this on my eye area after applying the sunscreen. It helps to depuff and tone down the redness that I so often have around my eyes (#momlife).



3. Beautycounter No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil

This is now how I incorporate Vitamin C – known for its brightening and antiaging properties – into my daily routine. I put this on each evening before moisturizing, and I love how light it is for an oil. It hydrates my skin and has helped to diminish dark spots.



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