My Holiday Confession

Last week I shared three healthy choices I’m making this holiday season. This week, I’m sharing a confession – but they’re actually not related (I’ve been doing fairly well sticking to my healthy choices.) No, my confession is this:


I don’t own many holiday clothes- and I’m okay with it. 


That’s it. This may not seem like a big deal (or any sort of deal) to you, but I can assure you that it’s quite unusual for a fashion blogger not to be interested in owning many holiday clothes. I did a super quick five minute search and here are images I found from blogs I follow:


Yes, festive dressing is a big deal in the fashion world. And who doesn’t love looking at festive photos full of cheery red, classic Christmas plaid, and sequins and sparkles? I know I do! And yet, still I don’t own much of it personally, and didn’t purchase any more this year. Here’s why: I’m just too practical. I say that like it’s a confession, but I know it’s a good thing overall. The window for wearing these types of outfits is so small – in less than two weeks they will be outdated!

I’d rather spend my money on things I’m going to wear for a longer period of time, and enjoy the few holiday-specific pieces that I own for the time they’re in season.

And I should add – I’m a little less practical when it comes to buying Christmas clothing for my baby. 🙂 I’ve definitely bought her way more Christmas clothing than I own!


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