What I’m Thankful For This Year

Merry Christmas! Today I’m taking a short break from my usual topics of style, health and home to share a few things with you which I’m especially thankful for this year.

2017 ended on a bit of a rough note for me, and I was so apprehensive of what 2018 would bring. Now that it’s nearly the end of the year, I can look back and see just how very blessed I’ve been this year. It truly has been one of the best years of my life. (It’s tied for the best with 2014, the year we got married). I know that some years will be happy, some years will be sad, some will be easy, some will be hard. I don’t ever want to take a wonderful year like this for granted. Here’s a more in depth look at what I’m thankful for:



My daughter tender, sweet, growing


My husbandkind, patient, provider


My healthstrong, motivated, enduring


Our homecozy, welcoming, progressing


A cause I’m passionate about Beautycounter, advocacy, education


Creative endeavors sewing, teaching, designing

My Holiday Confession

Last week I shared three healthy choices I’m making this holiday season. This week, I’m sharing a confession – but they’re actually not related (I’ve been doing fairly well sticking to my healthy choices.) No, my confession is this:


I don’t own many holiday clothes- and I’m okay with it. 


That’s it. This may not seem like a big deal (or any sort of deal) to you, but I can assure you that it’s quite unusual for a fashion blogger not to be interested in owning many holiday clothes. I did a super quick five minute search and here are images I found from blogs I follow:


Yes, festive dressing is a big deal in the fashion world. And who doesn’t love looking at festive photos full of cheery red, classic Christmas plaid, and sequins and sparkles? I know I do! And yet, still I don’t own much of it personally, and didn’t purchase any more this year. Here’s why: I’m just too practical. I say that like it’s a confession, but I know it’s a good thing overall. The window for wearing these types of outfits is so small – in less than two weeks they will be outdated!

I’d rather spend my money on things I’m going to wear for a longer period of time, and enjoy the few holiday-specific pieces that I own for the time they’re in season.

And I should add – I’m a little less practical when it comes to buying Christmas clothing for my baby. 🙂 I’ve definitely bought her way more Christmas clothing than I own!


3 Healthy Choices During The Holidays

Hello and happy December – less than THREE WEEKS till Christmas! Crazy. This week I’m blogging about a slightly different topic than I usually do, but something I’m very interested in nonetheless – healthy living. That’s right, I’m going to spend more time on this blog talking about healthy living as a whole – food, exercise, product usage, etc. It’s something I’m very passionate about!

I always think of this stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a very festive, but unhealthy time of the year – probably the most unhealthy time! Never in the course of the rest of the year am I exposed to so much sugar and sweets, and this combined with the fact that it’s also the darkest time of the year, meaning there’s so little daylight each day, leaves me feeling unable or just unmotivated to get outside and get moving.

This year, I’m trying to combat these, ahem, challenges, three specific ways:

  1. Say “no” to dessert–mostly.

Don’t get me wrong- I still plan on eating dessert this holiday season (yum!). But only desserts I’m interested in. If something isn’t appealing to me or I’m just not hungry for it, I’m going to pass on it. For me, this means saying “no” to things like candy and milk chocolate (I honestly don’t even like them), but being okay with having a slice of cheesecake or anything dark chocolate every now and then. No need to consume more sugar just for the sake of obligation or the “occasion”!

2. Stay active

So very important! Not only to stay healthy, but also to help with my sanity. 😉 Maintaining my current workout schedule of 5-6 times a week during the holidays is a must to help combat the extra food and sweets. I never regret time I’ve spent working out, and I eventually (soon!) plan to write a post on how I got back into shape after pregnancy. For now though, I just plan on keeping my current fitness goals and making sure that exercise remains a top priority even with all of the other distractions. Christmas wrapping can wait till tomorrow – a good workout needs to happen today.

3. Maintain a healthy start to the day

Eating a healthy, filling breakfast is so KEY for the rest of your day. I honestly feel like it’s almost as important as exercising. Why? Because it sets the tone for how I eat the rest of the day. I can choose to eat something sugary or carb heavy and feel sluggish and draggy the rest of the day. I can choose to only eat a small bite of something and feel hungry an hour later – leading to lots of (not-so-healthy) snacking throughout the day. Or, I can choose to eat something that’s both filling and healthy and in doing so provide my body with the fuel it needs to go about my day – along with coffee, that is. Always coffee. 🙂 Here’s to a healthy holiday season!