Boyfriend Jeans vs Girlfriend Jeans

I think it’s actually slightly humorous that women’s jeans tend to sound like a dating relationship. The past few years the trend was all boyfriend jeans, and now we’re onto girlfriend jeans – what? Today I want to explain what the difference is between two styles, so that hopefully the next time you’re jean shopping, you’ll know what to expect when it comes to fit!

Fit. Yes, that’s the gist of what these descriptions are talking about and where the two styles vary.

Boyfriend Jeans are loose-fitting, low rise, relaxed, baggy jeans. They can be more baggy fitting (for curvy types) or tapered (for petites), but either way, the overall look and feel of the jeans is laid back and loose.


Girlfriend Jeans are a more feminine version of boyfriend jeans (now that makes sense!). They sit higher up on your hips, and are more fitted throughout the thighs and calves. That being said, they’re still a looser-fitting jean, which is why they’re in the same family as boyfriend jeans.


Girlfriend jeans are currently one of the most popular styles of women’s denim. They’re usually distressed as well – a casual detail that is in line with the casual fit of the jeans. Pair them with a fitted top or tuck in a loose sweater. They also look great with flats or booties – just don’t try tucking them into anything higher than ankle boots or you’ll end up with baggy knees!


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