Why I’m A Fan Of Black Friday Shopping

I know that everyone keeps saying this, but it’s exactly how I feel – I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a week away. It seems like it crept up on us, maybe because it’s early this year? With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, the infamous shopping frenzy the day after Thanksgiving.

I was never a fan of Black Friday growing up – really, the only reason for this was because my parents never went Black Friday shopping. It was always the day we stayed away from the mall, instead of going to it. Black Friday evening was typically spent with more family, and I remember cousins and aunts and uncles sharing stories of how they stood outside Best Buy at 5 am (or midnight!) or how they had completed all of their Christmas shopping between the hours of 4-6 that morning. It always seemed crazy to me, and unappealing since I’m not a morning person.

However, when it came to high school I started getting a little bit more curious to try out Black Friday shopping, just once. I loved shopping (still do!) and thought that I needed to see for myself what the big deal was all about. I talked my mom into taking me to the mall, and she agreed on one condition, to which I was more than happy to oblige: not early. So we went out to the mall for the first time on Black Friday, but not till 9 in the morning or so. And guess what?


It was crowded but it wasn’t crazy.

The deals were great and there were still even a few doorbuster sales going on.

The lines were long but we tag teamed it.

There were some things already out of stock but nothing that we were shopping for.


Overall, it was an extremely positive experience! Since then, we’ve made it a tradition of hitting the mall (and maybe a few other shops) on Black Friday, but always mid to late morning, never early. (Fun fact, my mom was even interviewed by our local news once while shopping).  We enjoy finding some great deals and I have to say that’s what my favorite part of Black Friday is, hands down: it’s a great way to save money while completing some Christmas shopping.


Black Friday has changed and evolved over the years – the sales tend to go longer now, and not be as focused on just one day. And, there’s also Cyber Monday which is now also almost as big of a deal as Black Friday is. My shopping habits have changed and evolved over the years as well – I do more and more of my shopping online, and might not even make it out to the mall this year. But, online or in person, rest assured that I will definitely be shopping that day (including on Beautycounter)! Here’s to the kick off of the holiday season!




Mocknecks: Not Your Grandma’s Turtleneck

Now that we’re into November, I’m looking for ways to dress more warmly – which usually means wearing a sweater! And, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve recently become a little obsessed with mocknecks (hence this post). And, can you blame me? They’re everywhere this season! Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re thinking one of two things:

  1. Ahh yes I love mocknecks too! 


2. What even is a mockneck? (my husband’s words)

Well, either way, you’re in the right place! Mocknecks are a close cousin of the classic turtleneck – but updated. They don’t have the foldover at the neckline that traditional turtlenecks do. Basically – the warmth of turtlenecks without the stuffiness (hooray for breathability)! Here are a few of my favorite mockneck sweaters:







Boyfriend Jeans vs Girlfriend Jeans

I think it’s actually slightly humorous that women’s jeans tend to sound like a dating relationship. The past few years the trend was all boyfriend jeans, and now we’re onto girlfriend jeans – what? Today I want to explain what the difference is between two styles, so that hopefully the next time you’re jean shopping, you’ll know what to expect when it comes to fit!

Fit. Yes, that’s the gist of what these descriptions are talking about and where the two styles vary.

Boyfriend Jeans are loose-fitting, low rise, relaxed, baggy jeans. They can be more baggy fitting (for curvy types) or tapered (for petites), but either way, the overall look and feel of the jeans is laid back and loose.


Girlfriend Jeans are a more feminine version of boyfriend jeans (now that makes sense!). They sit higher up on your hips, and are more fitted throughout the thighs and calves. That being said, they’re still a looser-fitting jean, which is why they’re in the same family as boyfriend jeans.


Girlfriend jeans are currently one of the most popular styles of women’s denim. They’re usually distressed as well – a casual detail that is in line with the casual fit of the jeans. Pair them with a fitted top or tuck in a loose sweater. They also look great with flats or booties – just don’t try tucking them into anything higher than ankle boots or you’ll end up with baggy knees!