At Home III: Bathroom Renovation


Welcome to the next installment of my at home series, where I document the projects we’ve been working on to update our house! You can read the first and second posts here and here. Today I’m sharing what has been, by far, the biggest project to date: our master bathroom renovation.


My first impression of our house, before we bought it, was that it mainly just needed new paint and simple cosmetic updates – with the exception of two rooms: the master bathroom and the kitchen. Both were really outdated and just really bad in general. The kitchen however, albeit ugly and what I call “soffit city,” had new appliances and was at least functional. The master bathroom, not so much… hence our first renovation!


BEFORE: The biggest issue of the bathroom was that the vanity area was completely open to the bedroom. Yep, no doors. No privacy. No blocking of light or noise in the morning. Nothing. Beyond this weird feature, there was a plethora of other issues, including:

  • Ugly outdated wood vanity and cabinets
  • Carpet by the vanity
  • Abnormally short vanity (we’re both pretty tall)
  • Wasted potential storage space underneath the left side of the vanity
  • Ugly soffit and fluorescent lights above the vanity
  • Cracked tile in the bathroom
  • Dirty jacuzzi tub – you could not pay me to use that thing!
  • Very dim, poor lighting in the bathroom




And that’s not even all of it – but you get the gist, we needed to totally re-do the bathroom. So, after about five months of living in the house, setting a budget and researching multiple potential contractors, we picked a company and took the plunge. And it was expensive. And it meant three weeks + wrap up of contractors being in our house every day. And it was a nuisance.


And yet – it was totally, completely, 300% worth it. Not only do we love how our new bathroom looks, but it’s so much functional than the old one, there really is no comparison! For a room that we use every single day, it was worth every penny. We’re looking forward to using it and enjoying it for years to come!



  • French doors to close off the vanity area from the master bedroom
  • No more soffit (!!)
  • Shades of grey throughout
  • New, higher vanity with ample storage space
  • Softer light with added can lights
  • New mirror medicine cabinets
  • Honeycomb tile floor
  • Oversized stand-up shower with sliding door
  • Brushed nickel fixtures








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