Scarf Season

In the past week, the temperature here in Ohio dropped a solid thirty five degrees, no joke. One day it was hot, and the next day it was cool, verging on cold. I guess fall is officially here! And with that, I (finally) switched over my closet to my fall/winter clothes and began pulling out all of my scarves.

Can anything make your outerwear feel more complete and you feel more cozy than a scarf? I personally don’t think so! A scarf can dress up the most plain coat or jacket and make you feel ready for the day even if you’re wearing joggers and tennis shoes (welcome to my life, currently at least). Because it’s scarf season, today I want to share a few different ways you can wear your scarf. Full disclosure – I can’t take credit for coming up with any of these ways myself! Click the photos to see the origin if you’re curious. 🙂


Steps 1-2) Criss-cross the ends of a long scarf behind the back of your neck, 3-4) Pull both ends in front of your chest and tie them once, loosely, below the first loop, 5-6) Fluff / reposition both loops.



First, find 2 opposite corners and fold the square scarf into a perfect triangle. Then, grab the two corners at either edge of the fold and hold the folded scarf in front of you (kind of like a giant bandana). Lastly. criss cross these corners around your next and hide the edges under so it looks like one big, cozy scarf.




Start with the scarf folded diagonally. Cross the ends behind your neck, and then bring them back around the front and drape over your shoulders.


Start with it folded diagonally, then bunch the entire scarf up to make it thinner. Place behind your neck, then cross the ends and wrap behind your neck. Tie in a double knot at the back of your neck. Tuck the knot inside. Also, I think your hair looks best mostly tucked into the scarf for this style.



Still looking for more ideas? Here’s a video with multiple scarf tying ideas!


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