Fall 2018 Trend Guide

It might already be October, but I have finally finished this year’s fall trend guide! Hope you still have some fall shopping to do. πŸ˜‰ Keep scrolling down to see all of my top picks for this fall!


You’ll see a trend in this year’s trends (ha, but really): lots of classic styles are back, including wrap tops and dresses! A wrap sweater is so easy to throw on as the weather cools down and being a nursing mom makes me an even greater fan of this trend.


Exhibit no. 2 with the classic looks returning. I have to say, I’m not typically a fan of turtlenecks because they bring back memories of my elementary school days (white turtlenecks layered under Lands’ End crewneck sweatshirts…) However, the plus side of turtlenecks being so popular now means that there are so many to choose from! Look for a lighter-weight, patterned turtleneck that you won’t be tempted to layer because it’s just too cute to hide.


And now we have exhibit no 3. for the classic looks returning. Pull that 90s blazer from your power suit out from the back of the closet, rip out the shoulder pads, and wear it proudly! Or, on a bit more tasteful note, buy a new, more up-to-date one. πŸ™‚ My personal favorite are the knit blazers, since they’re so comfy and don’t feel awkwardly stiff when paired with a casual outfit. I actually just thrifted one last week. Look for it soon on the blog!


Not to be confused with the mini skirt or the midi skirt, this is something in between, quite literally. And It’s a great length for casual, everyday outfits because it provides more coverage than the mini skirt (thank you) and doesn’t look as dressed up as a midi skirt does.


I hope you’re as excited for this trend as I am! Why should you be so excited, you may ask? Because it is one of THE most universally flattering styles to wear. Throw on a tie waist top and your waist will instantly look narrower. Just make sure the top itself is long enough. πŸ™‚



Three cheers for another universally flattering trend – black jeans! Pants that fit like regular denim jeans, but are just a bit dressier and therefore more versatile- plus we all know black has a slimming effect.


Here we are again (think early 2000s), back with the chunky boots. The trend this year is not so much how high your boots go up your legs (although booties are still going strong), but how thick their heel is – and the thicker, the better.



I keep thinking we will move on to a different animal print, but no. Not this season, anyways. Leopard is everywhere! It functions best as an accent piece or accessory – so pick a cute pair of loafers or a purse in leopard, and then stick to mostly solids for the rest of your outfit.



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