At Home III: Bathroom Renovation


Welcome to the next installment of my at home series, where I document the projects we’ve been working on to update our house! You can read the first and second posts here and here.ย Today I’m sharing what has been, by far, the biggest project to date: our master bathroom renovation.


My first impression of our house, before we bought it, was that it mainly just needed new paint and simple cosmetic updates – with the exception of two rooms: the master bathroom and the kitchen. Both were really outdated and just really bad in general. The kitchen however, albeit ugly and what I call “soffit city,” had new appliances and was at least functional. The master bathroom, not so much… hence our first renovation!


BEFORE: The biggest issue of the bathroom was that the vanity area was completely open to the bedroom. Yep, no doors. No privacy. No blocking of light or noise in the morning. Nothing. Beyond this weird feature, there was a plethora of other issues, including:

  • Ugly outdated wood vanity and cabinets
  • Carpet by the vanity
  • Abnormally short vanity (we’re both pretty tall)
  • Wasted potential storage space underneath the left side of the vanity
  • Ugly soffit and fluorescent lights above the vanity
  • Cracked tile in the bathroom
  • Dirty jacuzzi tub – you could not pay me to use that thing!
  • Very dim, poor lighting in the bathroom




And that’s not even all of it – but you get the gist, we needed to totally re-do the bathroom. So, after about five months of living in the house, setting a budget and researching multiple potential contractors, we picked a company and took the plunge. And it was expensive. Andย it meant three weeks + wrap up of contractors being in our house every day. And it was a nuisance.


And yet – it was totally, completely, 300% worth it. Not only do we love how our new bathroom looks, but it’s so much functional than the old one, there really is no comparison! For a room that we use every single day, it was worth every penny. We’re looking forward to using it and enjoying it for years to come!



  • French doors to close off the vanity area from the master bedroom
  • No more soffit (!!)
  • Shades of grey throughout
  • New, higher vanity with ample storage space
  • Softer light with added can lights
  • New mirror medicine cabinets
  • Honeycomb tile floor
  • Oversized stand-up shower with sliding door
  • Brushed nickel fixtures








Scarf Season

In the past week, the temperature here in Ohio dropped a solid thirty five degrees, no joke. One day it was hot, and the next day it was cool, verging on cold. I guess fall is officially here! And with that, I (finally) switched over my closet to my fall/winter clothes and began pulling out all of my scarves.

Can anything make your outerwear feel more complete and you feel more cozy than a scarf? I personally don’t think so! A scarf can dress up the most plain coat or jacket and make you feel ready for the day even if you’re wearing joggers and tennis shoes (welcome to my life, currently at least). Because it’s scarf season, today I want to share a few different ways you can wear your scarf. Full disclosure – I can’t take credit for coming up with any of these ways myself! Click the photos to see the origin if you’re curious. ๐Ÿ™‚


Steps 1-2) Criss-cross the ends of a long scarf behind the back of your neck, 3-4) Pull both ends in front of your chest and tie them once, loosely, below the first loop, 5-6) Fluff / reposition both loops.



First, find 2 opposite corners and fold the square scarf into a perfect triangle. Then, grab the two corners at either edge of the fold and hold the folded scarf in front of you (kind of like a giant bandana). Lastly. criss cross these corners around your next and hide the edges under so it looks like one big, cozy scarf.




Start with the scarf folded diagonally. Cross the ends behind your neck, and then bring them back around the front and drape over your shoulders.


Start with it folded diagonally, then bunch the entire scarf up to make it thinner. Place behind your neck, then cross the ends and wrap behind your neck. Tie in a double knot at the back of your neck. Tuck the knot inside. Also, I think your hair looks best mostly tucked into the scarf for this style.



Still looking for more ideas? Here’s a video with multiple scarf tying ideas!


3 Ways I’m Making Our Home A Safe Place For Baby

I should preface this post by saying that you certainly don’t have to have a baby to make your home a safe place. ๐Ÿ™‚ I began my process of using only safe products for cleaning and for personal care before I was even pregnant. We have access to SO many toxic products today, and most of us don’t even know it. Everyday products that we use in our home and on our bodies can really harm us because of how unregulated the industry is. Anyways, today’s blog post is not just about me going into how I feel about toxic products – instead, I’m sharing three specific ways I’m making our home a safe place for our little girl. These are only three of many I’ve been implementing, so look for me to share more in the future!

  1. A Guide To Natural Housekeeping

I pull out this book a lot when I need to know how to clean something without buying special cleaners for it. The methods outlined in here are so easy – most of them incorporate basic household products, such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. I actually just pulled this book out yesterday after dumping my smoothie on the carpet so I could find out how to spot clean carpet (FYI – it’s 2 cups of warm water + 1 teaspoon of dish soap + 1 teaspoon of vinegar).



2.ย Baby Oil

I have used very minimal products on our little one thus far, as her skin really hasn’t needed many, she’s just had a little dryness from time to time. I like to rub this oil on her hands and feet when they get dry. It goes on easily and doesn’t leave her skin feeling greasy or oily. Plus, it doesn’t have any fragrance in it and is also free of any dyes – things I don’t ever want for my baby! Additionally, per my pediatrician’s recommendation, I rub it into her scalp and then gently brush her hair afterwards. It helps with cradle cap A LOT.



3.ย Seventh Generation Dish Soap

I “stumbled” upon this safe brand a couple of years ago after a friend (who was a busy mama!) asked me to run to the store for her to get bananas and this dish soap. I remember being surprised at how reasonable the price was for a safe, natural dish soap – and have been hooked ever since! I think it’s very effective for hand washing dishes and have liked both the unscented and scented versions I’ve tried. Actually, this was one of the first and easiest places that I switched to safer products in our home – little did I know it was just the beginning!


Fall 2018 Trend Guide

It might already be October, but I have finally finished this year’s fall trend guide! Hope you still have some fall shopping to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep scrolling down to see all of my top picks for this fall!


You’ll see a trend in this year’s trends (ha, but really): lots of classic styles are back, including wrap tops and dresses! A wrap sweater is so easy to throw on as the weather cools down and being a nursing mom makes me an even greater fan of this trend.


Exhibit no. 2 with the classic looks returning. I have to say, I’m not typically a fan of turtlenecks because they bring back memories of my elementary school days (white turtlenecks layered under Lands’ End crewneck sweatshirts…) However, the plus side of turtlenecks being so popular now means that there are so many to choose from! Look for a lighter-weight, patterned turtleneck that you won’t be tempted to layer because it’s just too cute to hide.


And now we have exhibit no 3. for the classic looks returning. Pull that 90s blazer from your power suit out from the back of the closet, rip out the shoulder pads, and wear it proudly! Or, on a bit more tasteful note, buy a new, more up-to-date one. ๐Ÿ™‚ My personal favorite are the knit blazers, since they’re so comfy and don’t feel awkwardly stiff when paired with a casual outfit. I actually just thrifted one last week. Look for it soon on the blog!


Not to be confused with the mini skirt or the midi skirt, this is something in between, quite literally. And It’s a great length for casual, everyday outfits because it provides more coverage than the mini skirt (thank you) and doesn’t look as dressed up as a midi skirt does.


I hope you’re as excited for this trend as I am! Why should you be so excited, you may ask? Because it is one of THE most universally flattering styles to wear. Throw on a tie waist top and your waist will instantly look narrower. Just make sure the top itself is long enough. ๐Ÿ™‚



Three cheers for another universally flattering trend – black jeans! Pants that fit like regular denim jeans, but are just a bit dressier and therefore more versatile- plus we all know black has a slimming effect.


Here we are again (think early 2000s), back with the chunky boots. The trend this year is not so much how high your boots go up your legs (although booties are still going strong), but how thick their heel is – and the thicker, the better.



I keep thinking we will move on to a different animal print, but no. Not this season, anyways. Leopard is everywhere! It functions best as an accent piece or accessory – so pick a cute pair of loafers or a purse in leopard, and then stick to mostly solids for the rest of your outfit.