Craving Simplicity

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, chances are that you probably know that I like simple things. Actually, I love simplicity. Simple style. Simple home decor. Simple shopping. Simple living. There’s something about cooler weather coming that causes me to want to pare down what I think I need to what I’ll actually need. As much as I love summer (and you know I LOVE summer. RIP summer 2018.), I enjoy this change of season and change of perspective.


The thing about simplicity is it not only looks different for everyone, it can even look different for the same person, depending on their season of life. Here’s what simple living currently looks like for me, in fall 2018:

  • Putting out only the basics for fall decor (i.e., lots of pumpkins!)
  • Sending off a stuffed bag to thredUP, an online consignment store

  • Planning a Halloween costume from fabric that I already own (well… mostly anyways)
  • Getting rid of most of the random furniture that was in our basement when we moved in (like half of a crib?)

  • Turning back to old (but still healthy) basics for meal planning
  • Paring down my closet for the cooler months and only buying a minimal amount of new clothes for fall

  • Using paint to transform old pieces of furniture and make them look totally different
  • Trying to narrow down what shoes I’ll actually wear during the upcoming months before buying any new ones (a weakness for me)




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