Does New York Fashion Week Matter Anymore?

As this week has been New York Fashion Week (it ends tomorrow), I can’t help but wonder if people really care about it anymore. NYFW seems to decline in popularity each year and it gets harder and harder to even find it mentioned in the news. I read the Business of Fashion daily emails and NYFW was mentioned a few times this week, but some days it wasn’t even noteworthy enough to make it into the email. So why has what was once the glittering pinnacle of the fashion year met with such a sharp decline? Here are my thoughts as the main two reasons why:

Reason 1: We live in the era of fast fashion – think H&M, Topshop, Zara – and no longer do we feel that we need to watch the runway shows in order to learn what’s in style – besides, the majority of the September runway shows feature designs that are for the next spring, and who wants to wait that long? We’re just not used to waiting for fashion anymore, and besides, the eight-minute runway shows typically start late – so even more waiting!

“Budget-conscious Marc Jacobs again showed on a spare set at the Park Avenue Armory, though the designer swapped the cheap metal chairs of previous seasons with plexiglass models. But the outing was, in many ways, a throwback to another time, when the American designer would start his shows ludicrously late. On Wednesday, the audience waited for about an hour-and-a-half, forcing several European editors to depart before the show’s start to catch overnight flights, while others jumped into cabs to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where Rihanna was showing her latest Fenty lingerie collection.” (Business of Fashion)


Reason 2: NYFW has become less about seeing and more about being seen. As a fashion blogger, I follow a lot of other fashion bloggers and several of them traveled to New York for Fashion Week. I kid you not, out of all of the photos I’ve seen posted from these bloggers in New York, not a single one has been of any of the runway shows. Nope. Every photo I’ve seen posted has been of the bloggers themselves – just in New York.

“Going to New York Fashion Week in 2018 feels like having to go to the doctor, remembering to do my taxes, and all of those other things I have to do but don’t feel like doing. As an attendee, it feels a lot less about the actual collections, the innovation and the creativity, and way more about being seen—from blogger mania to editors borrowing clothes to wear throughout the week for street style ops, and my entire Instagram feed full of the same blurry photos. That’s not shade, either. I know some people love it for those reasons. But for me, it just means I’d much rather just catch up on Vogue Runway or M2M from the comfort of my own desk.” – Tanisha Pina, associate market editor for Racked.

“I think fashion shows are becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes on. Thanks to technology, anyone can view a fashion show or presentation from anywhere in the world—sometimes even live—so that glamorous feeling of exclusivity has long been lost. Fashion Week has become much more of a spectacle overrun with bloggers and influencers and street style photographers, taking away from the focus of the actual collections themselves.” – Jenna Igneri, associate fashion and beauty editor for NYLON.

What are your thoughts on NYFW? Does it matter to you at all?


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