Thoughts on Becoming a Mom

Hello there! I haven’t posted on here in a little while (two months!) because I’ve been on maternity leave, but now I think I’m ready to get back into the swing of blogging. To be honest, I didn’t miss this blog at first. At all. And then, after about a month, I started missing it. And the ideas started coming and I started getting excited about all of the new content to come in the next couple months. I really think I just needed a little break, to step back for a time and, in doing so, come back refreshed.


I thought that by now, with an almost two-month-old, I’d be in a good sort of daily routine, able to semi easily check things off of my to-do lists, and also that my baby would be sleeping through the night (which would mean I would be too). Ha! Neither of those things are currently happening but I’m still going to go for it, as tired and unorganized as I currently am. And since I’m feeling that way, I thought I’d share today a few thoughts on becoming a new mom. You know, since I’m an expert and all now. Just kidding. You’ll note that there’s some humor to these!



Complete nursery tour coming soon!


Coffee every. single. morning. No exceptions.

Trader Joe’s extra strength k-cups must have been invented by a new parent. Bless them.

Run the keurig machine… with no mug under it. Whoops. 

Take off the changing pad cover during the first week. It has not returned.

In bed by 11. Yes, even on the weekends.

Stumble around while conducting day-to-day activities in a semi-awake state.

Rejoice at the occurrence of four hours of consecutive sleep.

“Aw, she’s such a cute baby! Is she sleeping through the night?” “Uh.. no.” Repeat daily.

Google search: “How to get poop out of baby clothes.”

Cleans spit up off of (fill in the blank). 

Finish off the 202-count box of diapers like it ain’t no thang.

Scream, leap up, and run out of the room during a middle of the night feeding… because there’s a spider. 

Feel accomplished after checking out at our first grocery store trip together… until a downward glance reveals I’ve left behind a trail of blueberries. 

Write out birth story – sure, for the memories, but also to remind myself just how much that hurt for next time, yikes!

Gave myself fifteen extra minutes to get both of us out of the house on time for an appointment, only to be ten minutes late.

Leave the house while the clock still reads AM  = feel really on top of things.

Be absolutely thrilled to see her sweet face every single morning, no matter how hard or how long the night was, because she’s truly a delight and so. very. worth. it. !!