Straw for Summer

This is my last post before going on a short maternity leave. Thank you for all of your support. Be sure to check back later this summer for more inspiring content! 


I chose this title because it’s highly ironic – wayyy back in March (actually, three months ago today) I published the post Straw for Spring, which featured several versions of one of the current hottest accessories: the straw tote. A couple weeks later I shared that I was looking for one for myself, and literally, up until last week, I had still been looking for a little straw purse. I can’t believe it took me that long to find one that was both the style and price that I was looking for! Good grief.. but let it be known that I’m usually a much more efficient shopper. 😉


I should also clarify that I have had a straw tote for the past few months, which has been perfect for trips to the pool, coffee shop, and just general errands when I need additional storage. I don’t use it as an everyday purse because for one, it’s larger than what I need, and two, it doesn’t have any closures. But it’s still been quite useful and it was only $7 (#targetdoesitagain). Also, how cute are the pom poms?!



For the straw purse, I knew that I wanted something on the smaller side and shaped in a circle because I thought that was such a cute look with the straw construction. And voila, I at last found the one. I haven’t carried it much yet (since I just got it), but I’m already impressed with the level of quality for the pricepoint, and I’m a big fan of the adjustable/removable straps for carrying options. This will be the perfect purse to carry with a myriad of summer outfits.



Also, don’t forget that since tomorrow is the last day of June, it’s your last chance to earn a free sample when you place a Beautycounter order. Details are in this post!





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