Columbus 2018 Summer List

Hello and happy Friday! Last week I blogged about my current case of wanderlust (while also explaining that I will not be traveling anywhere in the near future) and shared some of my favorite things to do while traveling. This week, I’m going to share a list of things to do that I’ve made to keep me excited about and looking forward to spending the summer here in Columbus, Ohio.


Some of these things are summer-specific and some are not, but I hope I make it through all of them before summer comes to a close!


Bike on the Olentangy River Trail

Last summer I biked on this trail nearly every weekend while training for Pelotonia. This year I’m looking forward to going on a leisurely ride on it.


Market District Wine Tasting

There really isn’t anything better to do around here on a Friday night, in my opinion. It’s fun and pretty cheap, and you get to try new wines! (Obviously, for the second half of the summer). 


Visit as many Metro Parks as possible

I’m always saying I want to visit more Metro Parks and then I don’t usually end up doing it, but I find that I’ve really enjoyed each one that I’ve visited – a good reason to visit more, plus there are so many!


Swim laps outside

My absolute favorite form of exercise in the summer!


Hocking Hills Day Trip

We typically take a day trip down to Hocking Hills around my birthday each year, and I’m hoping we’ll do it again this year. It usually consists of hiking around the park, packing a picnic lunch, floating in Lake Logan, and visiting the local winery. Nothing better.


Visit the Worthington and (new!) Dublin Farmer’s Markets

The Worthington farmer’s market can’t be beat, but I’m excited to try the Dublin one this year as well – new this year and so close to home!


Eat dinner outside a lot

At home, out to dinner, anywhere. Because it’s summer.



Visit a new brewery

There are so many tucked around Columbus, and we really haven’t tried that many so far. Plus, beer on a patio = quintessential summer. (Also obviously for the second half of the summer). 



Visit each ice cream shop within walking distance (there’s three!)

I love where we live. Time to take advantage of it!


One thought on “Columbus 2018 Summer List

  1. Good read and tips
    I definitely want to visit hocking hills. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now.
    Great post!


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