What Are Your Secrets For Productivity?

I am currently in a busy season of life, which is kind if ironic for me to say since it feels like the past three years have all been categorized as such (and accurately). Between working full time, preparing for our baby’s arrival, trying to complete several house projects not to mention keeping our house (and yard!) clean and tidy, and visiting family, there just isn’t a whole lot of extra time. I have managed to keep most of my weeknights clear and have found that the few hours between dinner cleanup and bedtime are some of my most productive of the entire week. Here are some tips that I’ve found work well for me:


  1. Keep Your Phone In Another Room.

I plug my phone in to charge in our kitchen when I get home to work and try to leave it there until I go upstairs for the night. Now, this doesn’t always work out as there are some evenings that I need my phone. But, for the most part, I stay off my phone in the evenings and it makes such a huge difference in getting things done – since I’m not mindlessly scrolling!

2. Complete Your Least Favorite Task First

When I do the task or chore that I most don’t want to do first in the evening, it makes me feel that much more accomplished when it’s out of the way. For example, if my goals for the evening are to clean the bathroom, respond to emails, and work on wall art for the nursery, I will always clean the bathroom first so I can get it out of the way and enjoy the other tasks.

3. Show Yourself Grace

I saved this tip for last because I believe it’s the most important. Productivity isn’t everything – and it certainly isn’t worth sacrificing relationships or rest in order to get things done. I think I make it through my to-do list about three quarters of the time during the week, and I’m pretty happy with that. If all I’m ever doing is being productive, than it means I’m failing in other areas of my life. Know when to get things done and know when to lay them down, or, as I’ve been trying to remind myself lately, life is not one giant to-do list.

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