Currently Loving, April 2018

Hello and happy (almost) Friday! Did you have a chance to read last week’s post yet kicking off my new home series? If not, you should check it out. And now, time to return to the world of fashion…


I’ve been all about accessorizing recently, and I’m 99% certain that this is due to the fact that I’m pregnant and not really clothes shopping right now (for obvious reasons). So, today I am sharing some of my favorites found from browsing online this past week. There are so many fun spring options out there!



A crossbody that’s actually a decent size for storage!



How fun is this, from Hunter’s new line for Target?


Couldn’t resist the florals..


Totally impractical (how many places would you actually wear these?) but that’s part of the fun



And then, totally practical (and on my wish list!). I’ve heard a lot about Birkenstocks and think they’re a great staple sandal.


For: beach waves without the beach.


One of the top-rated Beautycounter products, so it must be great!






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