At Home, Part One

Is it just me or has it been a really long week? The continued cold weather combined with a crazy week at work have worn. me. out. and I am ready for some warm weather and a nap. Hopefully it feels more like spring wherever you are because it certainly isn’t here yet in Ohio!


Today I am excited to kick of a brand new series on this blog: a home series! That’s right, the series will actually not be focused on fashion & style, as the vast majority of all of my other posts have been, but it will instead be focused on home decor and, at least initially, house projects. There are two main reasons as to why I’m introducing this series:


  1. Since purchasing our home late last summer, house projects have consumed a LOT of our time and I’ve also learned some things along the way and would like to share them.
  2. Maybe it’s just because I’m now a homeowner, but I’ve found that I really enjoy reading about other bloggers’ house projects and seeing photos of where they live. And I thought, maybe you do too?


So, here we are, starting our series with one of my first projects in our house: painting the fireplace. One important thing to know about our house is that, while it’s not a fixer upper, it is (hoping to make that a past tense verb) very outdated. As in, drab colored walls and ugly old stained wood trim e v e r y w h e r e.  Bit by bit, we are covering it up, and this fireplace was one of the first things to get a makeover!

BEFORE: Featuring the ugly stained wood, beige tile, and a brass surround. All of that needed to go.


AFTER: Black and white and black – clean and modern but still cozy.


TRIM: This took the longest to paint but was also the most straightforward. I used a coat of primer and several coats of a gloss finish black paint. I say several coats because I made two mistakes: one, I forgot to put the primer on first and just started painting the actual wood – and then wondered why all the paint seemed to just fall off. Whoops. The second mistake I made was that I bought cheap paint. I thought I would only need one little can so I bought a cheap one and then found out why it was cheap – the paint went on thinly, even with primer underneath, and had a tendency to drip. Needless to say not only did the trim take awhile to paint because of this, but it also doesn’t look as good as it could have. Thankfully, the dark color makes it hard to see the flaws.



This portion took the most prep work but was the fastest to actually paint since I used a spray can. I used this high heat paint after thoroughly covering everything around the surround in newspaper and taping it down. It took a couple of coats for me to totally cover the brass but other than that it was very easy!



I was most nervous about painting tile and it actually adhering – but I used this paint, and not only was it so easy to paint, it hasn’t chipped at all after one winter of use! The paint (technically it’s a primer) went on so smoothly that I was able to get away with minimal taping, but it did take three coats to achieve the nice white color. I’m happy with it not only because it hasn’t chipped, but because it’s also easy to wipe off – when we’ve gotten ash or wood chunks on the tile from one of the many fires we built this past year, they’ve wiped off easily and not taken any paint with them.


Here’s to many more fires in front of our “new” fireplace!



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