Living Simply II

It’s time for my monthly (bimonthly?) update on my new year’s resolution to embrace a simpler way of living, at least simple by my own standards. Here’s a snapshot of what it’s looked like recently:

  1. Picking flowers from my own yard (a first!!) instead of buying the same ones at the grocery store.

2. Wearing a new-to-me (maternity) shirt that I purchased for $2.

3. Deciding that yes, I am going to purchase a straw tote or purse for myself (there’s a gap in my warm weather purse assortment), but taking my time to really think through which style I would enjoy the most. 

4. Streamlining my closet by taking out most of my winter clothing and replacing it with only my warmer weather clothing that fits right now. There are bare spots, but it’s temporary (and it makes it easy to pick out what to wear!)

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