What To Wear To Work

It’s pretty crazy to think about how much the workplace has evolved over the past few decades. Speaking in general terms, of course, the modern workplace is a much more casual place than it used to be. Gone are the days when women wore dresses and blazers to work – it’s now commonly acceptable to wear jeans and open-toed shoes on the job. My entire career so far has been at companies that have had fairly casual dress codes, meaning that I could wear jeans any day of the week. Currently, however, I work for a company that has taken the concept of a casual work environment to a whole new level in my opinion. Any day of the week I will see ripped jeans, mini skirts, see through shirts, bodycon dresses, and even crop tops – it will be interesting to see what’s acceptable once the weather is actually warm!

My favorite motto for dressing for work is a generic but solid one: dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Regardless of where I work, I want my outfit to portray the fact that I’m capable, driven, and aware of the fact that I’m in a professional environment. I also want my outfit to be stylish (always!!), modest, and able to stand out from everyone else’s. Now I’ll admit, all of that is a pretty tall order to fill each day with my outfit! I also like to give myself a little break on Fridays and dress more casually than I would during the week. That being said, having these guidelines has helped to shape my professional wardrobe and created some helpful parameters for dressing in a professional yet ultra casual environment. Dressing for the job I want does not mean showing up to work each day in a pantsuit while everyone else around me is in ripped jeans and leggings. That would make me stand out, for sure – but not in a good way! However, I also don’t want to just blend in and start wearing bodycon dresses to work on a regular basis.

It’s all about striking a balance. And for me, that means that while I dress casually for work, but still professionally.  Jeans? Absolutely, but not ripped. Leggings? Why not, but with a tunic or longer sweater. Sandals? All the time in the summer, but no flip flops. Dressing this way helps me to still feel prepared to put in a full day’s work while also not standing out in an unnecessary way. Do you also work in a casual work environment? Below are a few staple outfits that I turn to time and again for professional yet casual options:


  1. Dress Pants with a Casual Top or Sweater


2. Jeans with a Button Down Blouse


3. Jeans with a Sweater or Cardigan


4. Leggings and a Tunic Top


5. A Casual Dress






All images via Pinterest



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